Wednesday, August 17, 2011

June 22, Haikou newspaper (Reporter Guo-Qiang Song) This morning, Hainan Province, aquatic wildlife rescue center rescue of an adult dolphin birth to a small dolphin, the dolphin mother and child. According to the center person in charge of captivity dolphins dolphin birth is the first case in the province.

In the Class 4A state tourist attractions Boundary Island Dolphin Bay, Hainan Province, the first aquatic wildlife rescue center rescue base, there are currently more than 20 captive dolphins. This morning, the breeder Dolphin Bay suddenly found out a small dolphin, it kept leaping out of the sea. Breeders observed that this is a newborn less than 12 hours of dolphins from a man named "Renee" adult spotted dolphin births. "Renee" was a year ago by Sanya sent to rescue the fishermen, when physical trauma, suspected ship propeller injured.

Newborn dolphins body length of 90 cm, its no better than adult dolphins swimming speed slow, it is often close to feeding mother's body. It was learned that dolphins still in the dangerous period after birth, required 3 days to 4 days of time to master the body balance and sense of direction.

Hainan aquatic wildlife rescue center set up three years ago, than 26 dolphins were ambulance, 9 large whale shark, more than 70 turtles, two whales.

The picture above shows newborn dolphins play in the water with her mother. The reporter Guo-Qiang Song photo



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